History of Lawrence L. Construction Inc. Since 1912

Lawrence L. Construction Inc. (LCI) originated from a family trade that goes back to 1912.

Sarafino (Harry) Silette was employed at Detroit Edison. Harry was an outstanding craftsman and  teaching his son, Max Silette about the building industry from his own personal knowledge.

Sarafino (Harry) Silette,  1885-1960

Max initiated the family construction business by starting his own company. Max's younger sister Florence married Carmine (Cardi) DeMonaco. Max taught Cardi the construction trade and they worked together until early 1940.

Max Silette, 1910-1979
Cardi then went to work with a partner and they
established Jon-Car Homes. Together, their company developed and built many subdivisions and apartment complexes. Cardi retired in early 1960 passed the
business down to his sons Carmine (Cardi Jr.) and Lawrence (Larry).

Carmine (Cardi) DeMonaco, 1913-1991
After Cardi Jr. and Larry took over, they renamed the company DeMonaco Brothers Construction. They specialized in custom finish carpentry and residential building. In late 1960 Larry escalated the company into the commercial field, separating from his brother Cardi and creating what is now, Lawrence L. Construction Inc.,  and has been for over 40 years. Larry's three sons, Larry Jr., Dominic and Joseph, today still carry
on the family business.

President, Lawrence L. DeMonaco, 1967 to Present.

1967 Van

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